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iPad Skins – Available Now

April 18, 2010

So you bought your new Apple iPad, took it home, played with it, and realized you now can’t live without it. You have also realized that it is going to get all scratched up and lose that new iPad look, unless you do something, QUICK. The answer is: go to videogame-skins and buy a great looking vinyl skin.
Even if you have purchased (or are going to purchase) a case, stand, or lectern for your iPad, it will still get scratched on the back and sides from daily use unless you protect it. Every time you put your iPad in the case or take it out, or move it on the stand, change position to landscape, or put it down on the table, you are going to add scratches to the surface. An easy to apply vinyl iPad skin will also add a unique design element to your iPad, so it won’t get confused with someone else’s iPad. And if you get tired of the design, it is easy to change to a new style or color scheme – the adhesive backing is as easy to remove as it is to apply. Order yours today!