Laptop skins to customize your Lenovo laptop

Your laptop goes everywhere with you – it is used for business, for education, for social media, emails, photos, video and music, and more. It is your connection to the world! But the world is tough on electronics, especially laptops. They get dropped, scraped, scratched, bumped, and dinged. There is a solution to some of these problems – a laptop skin. Laptop skins are designed to protect your Lenovo laptop against the abrasions of daily life. A vinyl adhesive backed laptop skin won’t stop a bullet, but it will stop scratches. If your Lenovo laptop is already scratched, a skin hides the damage. Laptop skins also beautify or decorate Lenovo laptops. There are so many designs available -from abstract fractals, to photos featuring nature, even reproductions of great artwork. Your Lenovo won’t look like anyone else’s Lenovo laptop with a unique laptop skin. One of the best things about custom skins are the new adhesives on the vinyl – they are repositionable, easy to apply with no bubbles, and just as easy to remove without leaving a sticky mess. Anytime you want to change the look of your laptop, new style laptop skins make it easy to do so.
A great looking skin is custom fit to your Lenovo laptop. A diagram shows exactly how to measure your laptop to get the best fit, and you can choose whether to round the corners or leave them square, depending on your laptop. Some laptop designs offer skins for inside, too – around the keyboard and palm rest.
Visit to order laptop skins

And don’t forget, if you need help with installation, we have a video online to explain the process – it features a Dell netbook, but the process is the same for all laptops and netbooks: Netbook Installation video


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