Videogame-skins sells Kindle 2 skins


Kindle 2 Decal, Sticker or Skin? Are there any differences between a decal or skin for the Kindle 2? Why you need one – protection is only part of it, the decorative aspects are also important.

First, there are no differences between a decal, sticker or skin. They are just different names for the same product. It is possible that the term “skin” suggests a thinner product than “decal”, or “sticker”. Everybody knows how thick a bumper sticker is, so if you use the word skin, it sounds like it isn’t as thick. Modern skins for electronic devices like the Kindle 2 are made from the latest vinyls available, so they actually are much thinner than previous types that were using automotive lettering vinyl. These new types of vinyl also have new adhesives, that are much easier to apply to delicate electronics. First-generation electronic skins were difficult to apply, especially since it wasn’t possible to do a “wet” application (as on a car), and hard to get lined up just right on the device. These old types were almost impossible to remove, once installed. You risked scratching or damaging your device trying to remove the skin.

These new vinyls don’t have any installation problems – the adhesive isn’t as difficult to work with as the old kind. Once you have your skin situated on your device, it is now possible to rearrange it by peeling the skin carefully and reapplying. This is what is meant by “repositionable” adhesives. Then, once you have the skin lined up exactly where you want it to be, simply smooth it down into place with a soft cloth. The latest adhesives also provide a “bubble-fee” application, meaning any air bubbles get channelled safely away, so you are left with a perfectly flat, even, bubble-free skin.

The second reason to add a Kindle 2 skin is the decorative aspect. Straight out of the box, a plain white device isn’t visually interesting, and is also liable to get scratched during daily use. There are so many designs available now, yours won’t look like every other Kindle 2. You will find abstract, colorful designs, images of famous artworks, photos showcasing the natural world, characters from literature – there are literally thousands of possible designs. Many Kindle 2 skins feature a main design on the back case, and a variation or continuation on the front. Custom-designed skins are also careful not to present a visual distraction around the keyboard.

Humans always like to embellish their belongings with personalization of one kind or another, and adding a skin to phones, e-readers, video game systems, computers and other electronic devices accomplishes this.

Kindle 2 Skins


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