Radio Caroline

Don’t believe everything you read on different websites.  Everyone has their own take on things that happened, various rumors flew around (and still fly around), things that happened are remembered differently according to who you tells you the story.

And the movie “The Boat That Rocked” had some basis in fact, including some of the equipment, but all the situations were WRONG WRONG WRONG.  According to people I know, mostly it was BORING out there.  BORING.

Think of all the difficulties of running a normal land-based radio station: egos, personalities, corporate decisions you don’t agree with, evil bosses, lack of funding, scrambling for advertisers, trying to attract (and keep) listeners, having to play music you loath, equipment failures, etc. etc.   Now place all these problems on board a rusty ship, being harassed by various governments, lack of regular supplies, add deranged fans, and bad weather.  Intersperse moments of terror with long stretches of extreme boredom, and apparently, this is what it was like on board the Ross Revenge.

If you like, you can remember the Ross Revenge with a laptop skin from particularly the laptop skin here:


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