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Tablet skins add fashion and style

September 15, 2011

In addition to new skins laid out to fit perfectly on your tablet computer, we have fresh new designs, just in time for Fashion Week! Browse our website for the selection you want, many of our designs are available for multiple devices, too!

Get a beautiful skin for your iPad and treat a friend to a matching skin for their Kindle. Or jazz up your laptop with one of our hot new styles, and treat your best friend to a new iPhone skin at the same time. With our flat rate shipping, you can decorate and protect your devices, and buy a gift for someone in the same order!

Our low prices are easy on your wallet, too. Many of our tablet skins start at $9.99, and some of our laptop skins are sale priced at $6.00; so fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. On top of our already low prices, if you are a new customer, we offer an additional 10% off your first order.

Fashion isn’t just for clothes, shoes and jewelry – decorative style is available for many electronic devices, too. Kindle skins and Nook skins keep e-readers chic and stylish, and shouldn’t your iPad skin reflect your personal style?

Skins don’t just decorate – they protect against everyday wear and tear, too. A beautiful, laminated skin protects against scratches and dings, to keep your devices looking their best. And with today’s modern technological advances, the skins are as easy to remove as they are to install. You can change designs on your tablet every season, to match the season’s styles and colors.

Stay up to date and stylish with a tablet skin, now available for many devices


Under $20 laptop skins? No problem!

November 11, 2010

We feel laptop skins are essential to help protect your laptop, so we make sure they remain affordable. Whether you need to buy a gift for “Secret Santa” or a relative or close friend, a laptop skin is sure to please! Ordering is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. Choose your design, choose your size, add to shopping cart. How easy is that? We offer skins for many models that don’t require any measuring – some Asus, Dell, HP and Apple laptop skins are already sized correctly.
Why should every laptop have a skin? Because daily life will scratch and scuff the outside. If you add a skin, you keep the laptop looking fresh and new. Plus, a skin can add a decorative element, too. Many of our customers like to change their laptop skin a couple of times a year, adding a new design.

Affordability also means we charge one flat rate for shipping, no matter how many items are in your order, or what size they are. So you can order a laptop skin for a coworker, add a DS Lite skin for a nephew, and treat yourself to a Kindle skin. All will be shipped together, saving you multiple shipping fees.

All of our laptop skins start with a great image that we digitally print on the highest quality vinyl available. We then add lamination to keep the image looking fresh and unfaded, computer cut for a perfect fit, and ship direct to your door! And all of our skins are manufactured in the USA, so you are contributing to our economy.

To order great laptop skins for under $20, visit

American flag laptop skins

July 4, 2010

On July 4th, everyone thinks of what it means to be an American. We watch fireworks together, listen to patriotic music and enjoy the company of friends and family. We remember the sacrifices made by American troops past and present. We remember the founding Americans, and how they fought a revolution to make us a free and independent country. We celebrate the qualities we all share, and are proud of the ideals and standards that makes the USA the great country it is. We have hope for the future, and want to make this country a better place for our children and grandchildren.

Our World Cup soccer team showed the world that Americans thrive on striving, even though the odds are against us. We always want to improve, and each year our national team gets better and better. Team USA thrives on our support, too. It was inspirational to see the widespread interest, and hear the chant, “USA! USA! USA!”.

You can show you are proud to be an American all year round by adding one of our great images to a laptop, Xbox 360 or Wii. We have American flags to fit your iPad, DS or DS Lite, even your Guitar Hero guitars! Protect and decorate your devices, and show American pride at the same time.

We are proud to say our products are “Made in the USA”. None of our products are made elsewhere and then imported here. Using the highest quality products available, we manufacture every skin we sell. You choose the image, then we digitally print it, laminate, and computer cut for a perfect fit. We then package it and ship direct to your door. The whole process takes place right here in the USA.

Fly the flag everywhere you go – add an American image as a Wii skin, Xbox 360 skin, iPad skin, Nintendo Dsi or DS Lite skin, or Guitar Hero skin for X-plorer, Guitar Hero III or World Tour guitars! Our patriotic images fit every laptop and netbook around, from Lenovo and Toshiba, Dell Mini 9 and 10, HP, and Apple laptop skins.

Choose an inspiring design today for your device. If you don’t see an American flag image available on the website for your device, contact us. We are available through email, live help! or telephone. Buy a patriotic skin today for yourself, or a gift – show the world your American pride!

USA laptop skin

Vampire Laptop Skins For Sale

May 28, 2010

The fascination with vampires continues. We love stories about vampires, and stories about humans who love vampires. The fascination started with Dracula and has continued to grow and grow.
Today, you can read stories about girls in love with vampires (the Twilight series, the Sookie Stackhouse novels), undead gangsters (Joe Pitt in Charlie Huston’s novels), vampires in love with themselves (the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles), and more. Vampires inspire love, lust, fear and loathing in us. Vampires are everywhere in the media these days, we like to watch them and read about them. You can now bring a vampire safely into your life with a vampire image on your laptop skin. We promise, it won’t bite you!
Our laptop skins are made of top-quality vinyl with a revolutionary adhesive that makes it easy to install, and just as easy to remove. You can change your laptop skin design whenever you want to, now, easily. Our laptop skins are designed to be cut to fit almost any laptop in existence. Our Universal Laptop Skins are custom cut to fit the size laptop you have, just measure the lid, choose your design, choose the size you need with the drop-down box, and you’re on your way to having a Vampire design laptop skin.
We also offer skins for specific laptop models. Our Dell Mini9/Mini 10 laptop skins are designed to fit both inside and outside on Dell Mini 9 and Dell Mini 10 laptops. The laptop skin comes complete with a skin for the lid (choose whether to reveal or hide the Dell logo), and a skin for the palm rest area inside the laptop, too.
We have laptop skins for the Asus EEE, the HP Mini 2133, 1030NR and 1115NR , Apple Macbooks, and even the brand new Apple iPad.
All of our laptop skins are manufactured with our renowned attention to detail. We have quality control inspection throughout our production process – printing, laminating, computer cutting, packaging. We only ship products that meet our stringent qualifications.
Visit our website today to browse our many available laptop skin images, including Vampire laptop skins.

And don’t forget, if you need help with installation, we have a video online to explain the process – it features a Dell netbook, but the process is the same for all laptops and netbooks: Netbook Installation video

Looking for skins for laptop computers?

May 21, 2010

Your search is over – we have specific custom skins for laptop and netbook computers that fit Asus, HP, Dell Mini 9 and Mini 10s, and Apple iMacs. Our universal laptop skins are custom cut to fit your laptop width and height, so they fit all laptop and netbook brands, including Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, every brand or size laptop or netbook you can think of!
Ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3 here at! First, you choose a design you like – we have many different styles and patterns to choose from. Second, choose your size, we even provide a diagram to show you how and where to measure your laptop lid! Third, choose whether you want square or rounded corners. Add your laptop skin to your shopping cart, add your payment and shipping information, and the order is done!
If you have any questions during the ordering process, we are here to help – you can phone us (we put our phone number on every page of our website), live help! online, or email online.
We then manufacture your laptop skin specifically for you. We digitally print your design, add a lamination layer for added protection, then computer cut to your size and specifications. We professionally package it and ship it to you, usually within one day of ordering.
You can easily add other items to your order, too. We charge flat-rate shipping, so there is no extra charge for extra items in your package. We offer skins and decals for many types of cell phones, hand-held gaming devices, even e-readers like iPads and Kindle2s!
Our service doesn’t stop with your order – we update you by email when we ship and provide the USPS tracking number, too. We even have videos online to guide you through the installation process.
Gift giving is easy through our website, we will ship to your mom, a friend or anyone you wish to send a present to – it is as easy as ordering for yourself.
Order skins for laptops today!
And don’t forget, if you need help with installation, we have a video online to explain the process – it features a Dell netbook, but the process is the same for all laptops and netbooks: Netbook Installation video

Laptop skins and iPad skins

May 17, 2010

The enemy of all of our portable electronics is daily wear and tear – scratches, bumps and dings. Protect your laptop with one of our laptop skins – we offer great looking skins that fit almost any device. Browse the website to see our awesome designs, and remember if you have questions, we are always available to help you.
The newest, hottest electronic device is the iPad, and it needs protection from the abrasions of daily life, too! Get an iPad skin and don’t worry about scrapes, just enjoy using your new best friend.
Remember videogame skins for all your laptop skin and iPad skin needs. We also offer Xbox 360 skins, and many types of phone skins, too. In fact, most small electronic devices like Nintendo DS, DS Lite and PSPs need skins, too! Our skins make great gifts for any occasion.
Official company blog at: videogame skins blog
Protect and beautify with a laptop skin or iPad skins from today!

Finally! Apple laptop skins that look good!

March 31, 2010

I have had a skin for awhile, but now, they’re available with the logo cut out, too. Mac owners like me want the best looking, easy to apply skins for our Apples, and these Apple laptop skins are just what we wanted! Go to the website to see the whole selection,